2016 Montepulciano-Sangiovese
Dry Creek Valley

750 ML - $42.00

Ample sunshine, dry climate, hilly terrain, coastal breeze---Dry Creek Valley shares these elements of terroir with Abruzzi, the ancestral home of the noble Montepulciano grape and we're very happy to have a small block of Montepulciano planted on Wine Creek Ranch. Abruzzi's regional motto 'Forte e Gentile', meaning 'Strong and Gentle', aptly describes the style of this wine.

In 2015, we blended 20% of the high-toned Sangiovese to complement the earthy qualities of Montepulicano grown at Wine Creek Ranch. Complex notes of fresh and dried cherries, savory herbs, and subtle tobacco accents are woven into a complex aromatic profile. Montepulciano's depth, dark fruit and rustic structure perfectly melds with the red fruit, finesse, and refinement of Sangiovese.

Composition: 80% Montepulciano & 20% Sangiovese

Alc. 14.7% | pH 3.4 | TA 0.64

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